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Annona 'Atemoya' ~ Atemoya

Annona 'Atemoya' - Atemoya

Annona 'Atemoya' ~ Atemoya Products For Sale

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Product Description


Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Atemoya Seeds.

20 Seeds

$160nt per Seeds

500+ Seeds

Wholesale Available

Atemoya Plants

20cm +/-.

$300nt each.

Products Details

Annona 'Atemoya' - Atemoya Seeds

Atemoya is a successful and viable hybrid of Annona, which has created one of the best fruits on earth! The fruit is much the same as Annona squamosa but more solid requiring a knife to cut rather being able to break open by hand. Plants are grown in much the same way. We prefer to germinate seeds in moist sphagnum moss, and unless otherwise requested we will ship in this moss to speed along the process for you. Seeds do not store long and are best sown as soon as the shell breaks open and root appears.

Annona 'Atemoya' - Atemoya Plants

Plants are shipped bare root in sphagnum moss via EMS or faster. Plants take 3+ years to bear fruit.

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