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Artocarpus sp. ~ Jack Fruit & Bread Fruit

Artocarpus sp. Jack Fruit & Bread Fruit

Artocarpus sp. ~ Jack Fruit & Bread Fruit Products For Sale

Seed Season: Inquire

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season: N/A

Product Description


Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Artocarpus heterophyllus Seeds.

10 Seeds

$600nt per Seeds

Artocarpus heterophyllus Plantss.

20cm +/-

$450nt each

Jack Fruit Product Details

Artocarpus sp. - Jack Fruit Seeds

Artocarpus seeds are not able to be stored and must be grown immediately after harvesting. Seeds are therefore hard to come by sometimes. We send the seeds fresh from the fruit, after cleaning of course. Seeds are shipped in moist sphagnum moss and may start germinating enroute.

Artocarpus sp. - Jack Fruit Plants

Depending on species, Artocarpus species may take 3-8 years to bear fruit. The trees can get quite large in order to support the often huge sized fruits which bear from the stems and trunk. Plants are shipped bare root and require EMS or faster shipping.

Artocarpus sp. Jack Fruit & Bread Fruit

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