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Durio zibethinus


Durio zibethinus - Durian Seeds

Durian is often considered quite difficult to grow for people who are either outside the tropics or don't have access to fresh seeds. Durian, to be sure, is a tricky grower because the seeds need to not only be fully mature, but also very fresh. Seeds are collected from mature fruit only once the fruit has fully split and opened. The seeds are cleaned from the fruit pulp and placed in slightly moist sphagnum moss in the dark. It is our experience that seeds exposed to open air or light are far less likely to germinate.

When durian seeds are kept in a good air flow area with near 100% humidity at around 30C, they should start germinating within days. From there it will likely take 1-2 months before true leaves open up. Durio zibethinus is not the fastest growing fruit trees, so be patient!

Seeds must be fresh, which means seeds are collected from the fruit and shipped same day or next day via EMS. Do not let seeds dry out. Seeds do not store, take care of them immediately upon arrival.

Durio zibethinus - Durian Seeds Durio zibethinus - Durian Seeds

Durio zibethinus - Durian For Sale

Seed Season: May-October

Plant Season: Taiwan Only

Dried Material Season: N/A

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Durian 'Monthong' Seeds.

5 Seeds

$550nt per 5 Seeds

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