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Euphoria longan ~ Longan

Euphoria longan - Longan

Euphoria longan ~ Longan Products For Sale

Seed Season: Summer

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season: N/A

Product Description


Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Longan Seeds.

20 Seeds

$250nt per 20 Seeds

500 Seeds

$5,000nt per 500 Seeds

Longan Plants.

20cm +/-

$140nt each

Longan Product Details

Euphoria longan - Longan Seeds

Longan seeds are relatively easy to germinate and must be sown right away. Seeds are sent cleaned and in either sphagnum moss or vermiculite as per customers request. We prefer to use moist sphagnum moss in a bag to germinate seeds. Trees will take 4+ years to reach fruit bearing size. Plant in warm areas that do not reach 0 degrees. The fruit are enjoyed both fresh and dried, and make a delicious style in cooking.

Euphoria longan - Longan

Euphoria longan - Longan Plants

Longan plants are shipped bare root. Plant in ground and after 4 years you may begin to start enjoying the fruit! Trees can grow quite large so plant in an area they can spread. Often after pruning they will delay fruit set. Plants require EMS or faster shipping.

Euphoria longan - Longan

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