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Ipomoea batatas

Sweet Potato

Ipomoea batatas - Sweet Potato Plants

Sweet Potato, unlike its name suggest, isnˇ¦t actually a potato but a tuber of a morning glory species. In the west many grocers falsely call sweet potatoes by another Generaˇ¦s English name, Yam. Sweet potatoes are super healthy and the foliage is now catching on as a wonderful green that is super nutritious thanks to Taiwanese varieties being developed. Plants are incredibly easy to grow, as to be expected from a morning glory, but they are tropical in nature and do not tolerate cold at all. Plants and cuttings ship in moist sphagnum moss via EMS.

Ipomoea batatas

Ipomoea batatas - Sweet Potato For Sale

Seed Season:

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season:

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Price (Taiwan Dollars = nt)


Sweet Potato Cuttings.

10cm +/-

Minimum Order: 10

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Orange Sweet Potato


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Purple Sweet Potato


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