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Litchi chinensis ~ Lychee

Litchi chinensis - Lychee

Litchi chinensis ~ Lychee Products For Sale

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Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Lychee Seeds.

20 Seeds

$350nt per 20 Seeds

Lychee Plants.

15cm +/-

$250nt Each

Lychee Product Details

Litchi chinensis - Lychee Seeds

Lychee seeds do not store long, but there is a month or so window and thus it is strongly recommended to plant them as soon as they arrive. We ship our seeds in moistened sphagnum moss for shipping and we recommend leaving them in the bag while allowing some fresh air sometimes until you see a small root form. Trees take approximately 4+ years to start bearing fruit.

Litchi chinensis - Lychee

Litchi chinensis - Lychee Plants

Lychee plants are easily grown, but pruning will greatly limit fruit production. We normally sell seedlings but can sell larger grafts or air layered cuttings upon request. Plants must ship EMS or faster and are packed bare root in sphagnum moss.

Litchi chinensis - Lychee

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