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Myrciaria sp.

Tree Grape, Jaboticaba

Myrciaria sp. - Tree Grape Plants

Jaboticaba, or tree grapes, are a group of tropical trees originally from South America. The trees grow extremely slow and may take 5-10 years to start bearing fruit. Once mature, however, the trees will produce very large quantities throughout the year if the climate is suitable. Jaboticaba flower and set fruit from the main stems, so pruning and creating a strong multi-branched trunk is preferred. As the English name implies, "Tree Grapes" are very much like a grape in appearance, texture and flavor. The skin is slightly tough and very much edible and delicious. The small seeds inside can be spit out much like a true grape.

Myrciaria sp.

Myrciaria sp. - Tree Grape For Sale

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Plant Season: Year Round

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Jaboticaba Plants.

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