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Rollinia sp.


Rollinia sp. - Biriba Seeds

Rollinia mucosa is much like Annona cherimoya or A. squamosa. It is not commercially grown to the same extent and thus is perhaps not as tasty as those 2 but it is still a great fruit nonetheless. We love Rollinia and will continue growing it forever. Seeds are treated much like the majority of the Annona genus in germination, and we will ship them in moistened sphagnum moss unless otherwise requested.

Rollinia sp. - Biriba

Rollinia sp. - Biriba Plants

Seedling plants allow 4 years or so to germinate. We grow them much in the same way as Annona squamosa and they are readily fruiting at our farm. Hand pollination helps as with most Annonaceae species but we never do it with these and we still get fruit. Hand pollination will no doubt increase yield however. Plants are shipped bare root in moist sphagnum moss via EMS.

Rollinia sp. -  Biriba

Rollinia sp. - Biriba For Sale

Seed Season: Inquire

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season: N/a

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Rollinia mucosa Plants.

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