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Swietenia macrophylla

Genuine Mahogany

Swietenia macrophylla - Genuine Mahogany Seeds

Genuine mahogany is generally considered one of the most high quality of woods. Now becoming endangered due to illegal logging and habitat loss in the tropical Americas. Now plantation grown mahogany is becoming popular due to the lovely quality of the wood. Unfortunately the trees take a longer time than many other tropical hardwoods, about 50-100 years to harvest decent sized trees. The trees themselves make great landscape pieces and can grow wonderfully figured roots. Trees are intolerant of extreme dry and cold temperatures.

Swietenia macrophylla - Genuine Mahogany

Swietenia macrophylla - Genuine Mahogany For Sale

Seed Season: Spring/Summer

Plant Season: Taiwan Only

Dried Material Season: Year Round

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Genuine Mahogany Seeds.

20 Seeds

$140nt per 20 Seeds

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Mahogany Fruit (Seedless)

100 Grams

$nt/100 grams

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