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Alpinia galanga


Alpinia galanga - Galangal Plants

Galangal is a fantastic ingredient to Asian cooking. Thai dishes go exceptionally well with fresh galangal "root". Actually, with galangal, the rhizome is the portion eaten. The rhizome is the underground succulent root looking structure in which the real roots and the stems grow from underground.

Galangal plants are shipped by their rhizomes. Much like other plants such as ferns and bamboo, Alpinia species and their relatives (such as ginger) grow an underground rhizome system. In the case of Alpinia, this makes propagation incredibly easy. Rhizome clusters are shipped cleaned of soil and with the stems and above ground portions are cut off.

 Alpinia galanga

Alpinia galanga - Galangal For Sale

Seed Season: N/A

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season: Inquire

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Thai Pink Galangal Plants.

1-49 Plants

$150nt Each

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$120nt Each

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$70nt Each

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