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Cactus Flower Anatomy

Plant Pigments


Cactus Species as Potential Fruit Crops

Variety Guides:

Capsicum species Guide: A Photographic Guide to Chili Peppers

Hibiscus sabdariffa var. sabdariffa Guide: A Photographic Guide to Edible Roselle



Wet climate cacti species.


Acclimating Cacti from the mail

Potting & Repotting Cacti

Soil Mixes for Cactus


Growing Cacti from Seed

How to Take Cacti Cuttings

Pollinating cacti flowers: A How to guide.

Cacti Grafting Stocks Information & Comparisons

Grafting Cactus, A How to Guide

Grafting Cactus Areoles

Grafting Seedling Cactus onto Pereskiopsis

Grafting Cactus Using Hylocereus

Grafting Crested Cactus



Cactus: Cactus problems

Cactus: Rot

Cactus: Insects & Other Invertebrates

From Seed:

Germination techniques for seeds - All our species are lsited here.

Durio: How to germinate Durio species - Durian seed germination

Germination Technique for Tropical Recalcitrant Seeds