How to Order from Kada's Gardens

1. Send us a list and quantity of all the products you are interested in. Include preferred shipping options.

2. We will send you a confirmation of availability, shipping method and a quotation.

3. Once the order is confirmed, paper work is arranged. Phytosanitary certificate, import permit, quarantine or anything else your country requires for importation. Please note, at this time we are unable to provide CITES documents.

4. If you require an import permit (Eg. USA), send to us before we start processing the order as we will bring them when going for phytosanitary inspections.

5. When payment is received, we will begin processing the order and acquiring all necessary paperwork on our end.

6. Final confirmation on shipping date, then the order will be shipped according to the shipping method chosen.

7. Tracking number along with copies of all the shipping documents will be emailed to you once shipped.

Preorders require a 20% deposit on most species and products. If there is a crop failure or some other issue with producing the order, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Contract farming is available, please contact us for details.

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