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Kada's Garden Ordering Information

If you are having trouble ordering, please feel free to Send an e-mail to formosaenvironments@gmail.com or see our Contact page.

What we need to fill an order

* Comfirmed order items and quantity

* Quantity required

* Shipping method chosen

* Address

* Any paperwork that is to be included in the package

* Payment in full


Thai Pink Galangal Plants

5 plants

EMS Shipping

(Your Address Here)

Phytosanitary Certificate

We will quote you via email based on above information.

How to order

1. Email us the items you're interested in and their quantity. You may just email us directly.

2. We return the email with availability and a quote with shipping options.

3. Choose shipping option.

4. We send you a bill for confirmed order.

5. Paperwork, if requested, is obtained and added to package(s).

6. Order is shipped.

Special Paperwork

If you require any paperwork, please let us know ahead of time so we can begin to process it.

Phytosanitary certificate requires 1-4 weeks to obtain (due to long travel distance to get plants inspected we only go 1-2 times a month). Cost is $600 NT

CITES We currently cannot obtain CITES certificates.

Import Permits If your country/region requires an import permit, please tell us as soon as we begin talking. Ship all the paperwork required from your country/region to be included in the package to us and we will ship the order as soon as it arrives and the order is ready.

If there are any other certificates/papers to be done, please feel free to ask us about them. Every place has their own rules for importing plants, so please let us know what your area requires.

Wait Lists, Wholesale & Contract Farming

We no longer maintain a waitlist for small orders. For large wholesale orders and/or contract farming we will hold stock to fill an order.

Contract farming is a special situation in which the customer and I will discuss time frames/quantities on a case by case basis.