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Cymbopogon sp. ~ Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is a typical form of grass which flourishes in warm climates. As the name implies the blades, or leaves, are heavily scented with a lemon scent. The fresh or dried foliage is commonly used in cooking and herbal teas for its flavor. Plants grow fairly fast and tend not to be too invasive compared to other grasses. Lemon grass tends to grow in clumps and spread slowly and evenly in a circular fashion (no runners!).

Lemon Grass

Cymbopogon sp. ~ Lemon Grass Products For Sale

Seed Season: N/A

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season: Year Round

Product Description


Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Lemon Grass Plants. Essential Oil Variety

Rhizome Clumps. Trimmed.

$80nt each


$40nt each

Lemon Grass Plants. Gourmet Variety

Rhizome Clumps. Trimmed.

$80nt each

Lemon Grass Product Details

Cymbopogon sp. - Lemon Grass Plants

We grow 2 types of lemon grass. One is for essential oil production, Indian; the other for cooking, Thailand. Plants are shipped bare root and trimmed down for express shipping.

Wholesale is available. We grow lots of plants and sell both wholesale plants as well as wholesale lemon grass foliage for essential oil distiliation. Contact us for details.

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