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Delonix regia ~ Flame Tree

Delonix regia - Flame Tree

Delonix regia ~ Flame Tree Products For Sale

Seed Season: Year Round

Plant Season: N/A

Dried Material Season: N/A

Product Description


Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Flame Tree Seeds.

20 Seeds

$110nt per 20 Seeds

Wholesale Available

Flame Tree Product Details

Delonix regia - Flame Tree Seeds

Flame trees are easily grown trees in warm climates. Avoid freezing temps and frost. They grow up to 20 or so meters tall and form a lovely even crown of fern like leaves if grown in the open. The long sword like beans are filled with seeds which require scarification in order to germinate well. Boiling water technique is advisable. In the summer months the trees burst in full bloom and are a lovely bright orange/red, visible from kilometers away!

Delonix regia - Flame Tree

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