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Lycium barbarum ~ Goji Berry

There are many claims about goji berry from all sorts of countries. Being a Chinese native plant and now exported and grown worldwide for both its medicinal and health benefits it is also a common ingredient to foods and beverages such as teas and soups. The small berries are quite delicious and healthy treat!

Lycium barbarum - Red Goji

Lycium barbarum ~ Goji Berry Products For Sale

Seed Season: N/A

Plant Season: Year Round

Dried Material Season: N/A

Product Description


Price (Taiwan Dollars)


Goji Berry Plants.

15cm +/-

$100nt each

Product Details

Lycium barbarum - Red Goji Plants

Plants are shipped in moist sphagnum moss, bare root, via EMS.

Lycium barbarum - Red Goji

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