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Hibiscus sabdariffa


Hibiscus sabdariffa - Roselle Seeds

Roselle seeds are very easily stored and germinated. Simply so! Keep warm and avoid fungus and you are good to go. A very satisfying plant to grow, but requires a warm climate. Does very well in dry areas, try to avoid wet/soggy areas.

Hibiscus sabdariffa - Roselle Plants

Roselle plants are relatively east to take via cuttings. We can ship rooted and unrooted cuttings anytime it is not flowering season. Seedlings are available via pre order and will take 3-5 weeks to prepare. Plants whip is almost dry sphagnum moss via EMS.

Hibiscus sabdariffa - Roselle For Sale

Seed Season: Year Round

Plant Season: March-July & December-January

Dried Material Season: Year Round

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Red Roselle Seeds.

50 Seeds

$110nt/50 Seeds

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10 Grams Seeds

$nt/10g Seeds

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Wholesale Available

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Green Roselle Seeds.

50 Seeds

$190nt/50 Seeds

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White Roselle Seeds.

50 Seeds

$180nt/50 Seeds

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Dried Red Roselle.

150 Grams


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