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KRBB0112 - Mangifera indica Data Record

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Code Set

Lower Ranks


Mangifera indica - Mango


Mangifera indica

Original Type. Small fruit, super sweet, fibrous.

Mangifera indica - Mango


Mangifera indica var. Golden Queen

Veyr large long fruit, medium flavour and sweetness, little fiber. Commercial type.

Mangifera indica - Mango


Mangifera indica var. Iwen

Small-medium sized, red skin. Strong flavor, sweet, medium fiber. Commercial type.

Mangifera indica - Mango


Mangifera indica var. Yuwen

Very large, no fibre, thick flesh very sweet. Pink skin.

Mangifera indica - Mango


Mangifera indica var. Peach

Veyr sweet, very flavorful. Medium size, nice orange/yellow/red skin color. No fiber.

Mangifera indica - Mango


Mangifera indica var. Longan

Green skinned variety, natural moutnain hybrid from Taiwan. No fiber, firm flesh with medium sweetness and flavour. Excellent type.

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