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Kada's Garden Terms of Ordering

Please read these terms before ordering If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

It is important to know and understand the import regulations for the area of import. All our products will ship from either our Taiwan or Canada Locations. Generally speaking shipping within a country (Taiwan to Taiwan or Canada to Canada) has few, if any, shipping regulations. Shipping from us to another country or region may carry special regulations on your side. We guarantee our stock for export adn all our local regulations are followed, but it is the requirement of the customer to know and inform us of any paperwork needed in the import of the requested products.

The most basic of things to consider for import regulations:

Seeds and Plants: Many countries will require a PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE. We can provide this for $900nt per shipment. Large orders of large quantity may be slightly more expensive due to government fees on our end. Retail orders are a flat $900nt fee.

Endangered species: Some species require extra certification due to endangered species and international trade. CITES documents may be required for some plants, eg. cactus and orchids. At this time we are not able to provide CITES documents. Orders of these species are at the personal risk of the importer.

Harvested Materials: All our products are allowed for sale in our country. Please be sure the items of interest are permitted in the importing region.

Additional Paperwork: Some countries require import permits, or other such documents. We are willing to work with you to use these systems. USA for example requires any plant and seed to have an import permit. This is obtained by the importer, not by us, and must be mailed to us to include on the package. It is the responsibility of the importer to know and acquire such documents.

Refunds, replacements etc: We do not offer refunds or replacements on any item lacking required paperwork. We are willing to ship without, however if they get denied by customs it is the risk of the importer. Plants and seeds with a phytosanitary certificate that are detained due to lack of cleanliness will be refunded or replaced. We need photographic verifiable proof within 7 days.

Harvested materials, namely fresh ones, that are spoiled due to postal delivery issues are refunded by the postal service. Only insured packages may be refunded. We do not hold responsibility of the postal system. We may make special conditions on an order by order basis, best to email us with questions prior to ordering.

Once the order has shipped, we cannot change it or refund/replace it. Be sure about the order prior to paying. After payment is complete we consider it finalized and continue to process the order.

Refunds/replacements are only available with these conditions:

Trackable packages (registered)

All required paperwork is obtained prior to shipment

The delivery arrived in quoted time by post

The contents were not as ordered or destroyed (proof within 7 days required)

Lost packages that are traceable (postal service responsible for refund, postal insurance required)

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