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Welcome to Kada's Garden! Supporting farmers, nurseries, educational bodies, public projects and gardeners worldwide since 2006.

We hope you enjoy reading our site, we are ever changing and continually adding content. Stick around and see what’s new from time to time. Don’t forget to press refresh to get our newest uploads.

Kada's Gardens website is always evolving with new species and varieties are added, some are lost in the depths of time. We apologize to our old time customers and friends who were accustomed to certain types of plants, many of which are no long offered by our nursery. Times are changing, now we are focusing largely on food, forestry and landscaping related plants.

Whether new here or a long time reader, we hope we can offer something unique and interesting. As always, everything we do is organic in methodology and as sustainable as much as we can be!

Welcome back, and we look forward to hearing from old faces and meeting new ones!

Plant of the Month

Annatto - Bixa orellana

March, 2023

Annatto - Bixa orellana

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February 7, 2023: Java Olive - Sterculia foetida

February 5, 2023: Hairy Eggplant - Solanum ferox

February 5, 2023: Nutgall Tree - Rhus chinensis

February 2, 2023: Laksa Leaf - Persicaria odorata

February 2, 2023: Sensitive Plant - Mimosa diplotricha

January 10, 2023: Fish Herb - Houttuynia cordata

January 10, 2023: Japanese Hop - Humulus japonicus

January 3, 2023: Bishop's Wood - Bischofia javanica