Indian Almond - Terminalia catappa

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Indian Almond

Terminalia catappa

Indian Almond Usage Information

In Terrariums: Leaves are a relatively quick to break down and become pat of the soil biosphere. Good as a leaf litter or incorporated into the soil as organic matter.

In Vivariums: Like with terrariums, though in vivariums the leaves serve as a a great hide for smaller animals. Very suitable for small lizards, amphibians, arthropods etc. In very moist vivariums, as with all leaf litter, watch for fungal growth.

In Aquariums: Leaves are an industry standard in aquaria, most notably for adjusting PH as well as adding tannins to water for species that benefit from a tannic water source. Leaves are excellent and safe for fish, shrimp, snails etc. Perfect for growing biofilm or culturing micro feeders for young fish spawns.

General Appearance: Leaves are relatively large and "waxy". For habitats where small scales are desired, crushing the leaves creates a nice micro appearance. Large whole leaves are ideal for fish and other animals to hide under.

Long Term: In aquaria expect the leaves to break down relatively quick, especially if snails, shrimp or other animals that eat decomposing organic matter are present. 4-10 weeks.

Other: For decorative arts & crafts related purchases, please let us know and we can quote the price for other forms of the products. For example, sun dried, machine dried, pressed (flat) etc. Depending on production method, prices will vary as to the needs of the order.

Indian Almond Product Information

Product: Leaves

Form: Whole air dried


Availability: Year Round

Supply Ability: 5,000 ± KG Annually

Export: Yes

Shipping: Postal Services, Air Freight, Ocean Freight

Variety Form MOQ Price Tier Quantities Packaging
Terminalia catappa Dried Leaves 1 kg 1kg, 160kg Bulk Bags

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