Alpinia galanga - Greater Galangal

Alpinia galanga - Greater Galangal

Alpinia galanga - Greater Galangal

Alpinia galanga - Greater Galangal

Alpinia galanga - Greater Galangal

Greater Galangal

Alpinia galanga

Plant Height Plant Width Minimum Temperature Light Preference Water Soil PH Edible Species

Alpinia galanga is a tropical evergreen plant in the ginger family. Growing to 2-3 meters in height, it makes an excellent landscaping plant or large container plant. Greater galangal is intolerant of frost, but is otherwise quite hardy in a range of climates.

Galangal handles heavy rains as well as little rain, but prefers a humid environment. Flowers are delicate white spikes that appear in summer and last 2-4 weeks followed by green fruit maturing to a deep showy red. Flowers are slightly fragrant.

Galangal's most common use is as a food ingredient. With its spicy flavor, it is a must have ingredient for many SE Asian dishes and helps give dishes such as red & green curries their kick.

Kada's Gardens' greater galangal seed rhizomes are sold to both nurseries and farmers. For large commercial operations, please contact us for availability. We can supply approximately 50,000 seed rhizomes per year.

Greater Galangal Planting Information

Growth Habit: Perennial psuedostems. Perennial.

Plant Size: 2-3m high, rhizomes growing gradually outward.

Temperature Preferences: Intolerant of freezing. Brief minor freezing may not kill the rhizomes.

Light Preferences: Shade through to full sun.

Water Requirements: Avoid fully dry soils and flooding. Otherwise very resilient.

Soil Requirements: Prefers loose rich soils and can grow well in harder clays heavy soils as well.

Harvest Times: Year round

Expected Fresh Yields: 5,000KG / Hectare

Transplanting: Transplant into slight moistened fields during weather above 20C. Do not heavily irrigate until new growth emerges to avoid rot.

Seed Rate: Plant Spacing: 45cm | Row Spacing: 60cm

Uses: Spice

Greater Galangal Product

Products: Live Rhizomes

Size: 5-15cm

Form: Bare root, Trimmed

MOQ: 500 pieces

Availability: Year Round

Supply Ability: 50,000 ± Pieces Annually

Export: Yes

Shipping: Air Freight, Express

Variety Form MOQ Price Tier Quantities Packaging
Galangal 'Thai Pink' Rhizomes [PHOTO] 5-15cm 500 pieces 500, 5,000, 10,000 Bare Root - Box