Bishop's Wood - Bischofia javanica

Bishop's Wood - Bischofia javanica

Bishop's Wood

Bischofia javanica

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Bishop's Wood is a medium to large tropical tree that can get quite thick at the trunk. It is an incredibly fast growing tree and does well in a wide range of situations.

Trees grow to a good size in landscape and gardens after about 8 years, creating a good shade canopy and filling in spots. For small wood production and charcoal, harvesting after 8-10 years is achieved. The tree over time tends to develop bumps, twists and branching and is thus not normally used for sawn timber due to the lack of straight grain.

Bishop's Wood Planting Information

Growth Habit: Medium to large tree.

Plant Size: Up tp 40m tall, exceptional trees to 2m trunk diameter.

Temperature Preferences: Above freezing.

Light Preferences: Full sun

Water Requirements: Fairly tolerant of dry rocky situations as well as brief flooding.

Soil Requirements: Prefers rocky well drained soils, but can grow on a wide range.

Harvest Times: N/A

Sowing Temperature: 20-30C

Seed Treatments: None. Read more.

Transplanting: Shade young trees and keep irrigated for the first year.

Seed Rate: Plant Spacing: 2m+ | Row Spacing: 3m+ (wood)

Uses: Wood, Dye, Ornamental

Bishop's Wood Product

Products: Dried Seeds

Seed Count:

Germination Rate: 70-90%

Form: Dried



Supply Ability: 100 ± KG Annually

Export: Yes

Shipping: Air Freight, Express

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Bishop's Wood Dried Seeds Dried Seeds 1 KG 1 KG 1, 3 & 5 KG Bags