Purple Yam / Ube - Dioscorea alata

Purple Yam / Ube

Dioscorea alata

Plant Height Plant Width Minimum Temperature Light Preference Water Soil PH Edible Species


Purple Yam / Ube Planting Information

Growth Habit: Vine

Plant Size: Up to 5m

Temperature Preferences: Tropical, keep above freezing, prefers 20-35C

Light Preferences: Shade to full sun

Water Requirements: Medum water requirements

Soil Requirements: Well drained loose soil is best for easy harvest

Harvest Times: Late fall/Winter when leaves die back

Expected Fresh Yields: 15,000KG+ / Hectare

Plantinging Temperature: 20-35C

Transplanting: Plant into moistened soil, protect from sun scorching

Seed Rate: Plant Spacing: 50cm | Row Spacing: 50cm+

Uses: Food, Dye

Purple Yam / Ube Product

Products: Minisets

Size: 5-10cm

Form: Cut and calloused tubers (Minisets)

MOQ: 500 pieces

Availability: May-August

Supply Ability: 10,000 ± Pieces Annually

Export: Yes

Shipping: Air Freight, Express

Variety Form MOQ Price Tier Quantities Packaging
Purple Yam / Ube Minisets 10-15cm 500 pieces 500, 5,000 Bare Cuttings - Box