Looking Glass Mangrove - Heritiera littoralis

Looking Glass Mangrove

Heritiera littoralis

Plant Height Plant Width Minimum Temperature Light Preference Water Soil PH Poisonous Species

Planting Information

Growth Habit: SMall-Medium tree, growing fantastic butress roots with age. Slow grower.

Plant Size: Up to 20m tall.

Temperature Preferences: Tropical, prefers 20-35C

Light Preferences: Full sun

Water Requirements: Enjoys lots of fresh water, grows in swampy areas.

Soil Requirements: Well drained fertile soils.

Harvest Times: FLwoers year round, inquire for availability.

Sowing Temperature: 20-30C

Seed Treatments: Sow seeds half way with the flat size facing down. Keep soil moist.

Transplanting: Direct sow or transplant when plants are 50-100cm tall.

Seed Rate: Plant Spacing: 3m+ | Row Spacing: 3m+



Products: Seeds

Seed Count: /KG

Germination Rate: 65% +

Form: Air dried seeds, within 2 months of harvest. Usually harvest to order.

MOQ: 5kg

Availability: Year Round, Inquire on availability

Supply Ability: 150 ± KG Annually

Export: Yes

Shipping: Air Freight, Express

Variety Form MOQ Price Tier Quantities Packaging
Looking Glass Mangrove Air Dried Seeds 5kg 5 & 84kg 1 & 3kh Bags